Facebook denies targeting young insecure users to push advertising

Facebook has denied it is targeting insecure young people to push advertising.

A research paper, reported on but not published by The Australian newspaper, was said to go into detail about how teenage users post about self-image, weight loss, and other adolescent issues.

Facebook dismissed the charge – noting the research was never used to target ads and was based on data that was anonymous and aggregated.CONTINUE READING HERE


Dozens killed in ISIS attack on displaced civilians in northeast Syria

At least 37 people, including several children, were killed by Islamic State militants on Tuesday at a crossing often used by Syrian and Iraqi civilians seeking safety in northeastern Syria, officials said.

Some militants apparently blew themselves up at a Kurdish checkpoint in the first part of the attack. That checkpoint was maintained by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a force supported by the Kurds and the U.S. that fights ISIS.

Others attacked sleeping civilians in a temporary camp that was housing hundreds of people who had escaped ISIS-controlled areas. The militants “committed a massacre” against civilians as they tried to enter the SDF-controlled area, a spokesman for the Kurdish fighting force said.CONTINUE READING HERE

Influential GOP lawmaker latest to say no to revised Republican health care bill(FOX NEWS)

An influential Republican lawmaker who was chairman of one of the House committees that drafted the GOP proposal to repeal and replace ObamaCare dealt the Trump administration a blow Tuesday when he said he could not support the new healthcare legislation being drafted.

“I cannot support the bill with this provision in it,” Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan told a radio station. Upton believes the bill would undermine protections the Affordable Care Act – or ObamaCare – gives people with pre-existing conditions.

Upton’s defection comes as House Speaker Paul Ryan tries once more to make good on campaign promises to repeal and replace former President Barack Obama’s signature health care overhaul.CONTINUE READING HERE

Trump to press Abbas on Palestinian terror payments, official says(FOX NEWS)

The controversy over Palestinian Authority payments to convicted terrorists and their families is expected to be a top priority when President Trump meets with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas at the White House on Wednesday, Fox News is told.

“Stopping the payment of terrorist families is a priority for this administration and this president, and a necessary foundation for real peace,” a senior administration official said. “We expect the president will make this point in the meeting.”CONTINUE READING HERE

Ranchers applaud President Trump’s review of ‘massive federal land grab'(FOX NEWS)

President Trump last month ordered a review of national monuments, an examination that will cover more than 100,000 acres that were designated by presidential decree over the past 21 years, and will assess whether past presidents put a stranglehold on millions of acres of federal land to keep it from being used by ranchers, farmers or for outdoor recreation.

The Department of the Interior will look at dozens of monuments, starting with the Bear Ears National Monument located in southeast Utah. It covers 1.35 million acres and was proclaimed a National Monument by President Barack Obama on December 28, 2016, just as he was leaving office.

Trump referred to it as a “massive federal land grab,” noting: “It’s time to end these abuses and return control to the people.”CONTINUE READING HERE

Budget fight: White House blasts Dem victory dance on spending bill(FOX NEWS)

The Trump administration launched a full-court press Tuesday to defend the controversial $1 trillion-plus budget deal, after Democrats claimed victory in negotiations and conservatives claimed GOP leaders gave too much ground.

Critics complained that the deal announced Monday to avert a government shutdown would keep funding for Planned Parenthood and so-called “sanctuary cities” without funding President Trump’s promised border wall. As Trump himself defended the package, the administration dispatched top officials to make their case.

In a lively presentation during the White House briefing Tuesday afternoon — and armed with visual aids — White House budget chief Mick Mulvaney said this was no victory for Democrats. CONTINUE READING HERE

Trump, CNN spar over ‘Fake News’ label in advertisement(FOX NEWS)

A one-second video clip was at the heart of a Tuesday spat between President Trump and one of his favorite foils, CNN.

The Trump campaign lashed out after it said CNN refused to run an advertisement highlighting Trump’s accomplishments during his first 100 days in the White House.CONTINUE READING HERE