Report: Comey’s testimony on amount of Clinton emails on laptop was misleading(FOX NEWS)

FBI Director James Comey last week reportedly misstated the number of Hillary Clinton’s emails that Huma Abedin forwarded to her husband, Anthony Weiner, to print out, ProPublica reported.

Comey told a Senate Judiciary Committee last week that Abedin forwarded “hundreds of thousands” of Clinton’s emails to her husband. But two unnamed sources familiar with the matter told ProPublica that Abedin only forwarded a handful of those emails.

The sources told Pro Publica that it was more likely that most of the emails appeared on Weiner’s laptop as a result of backups of her Blackberry device. The FBI said it would correct the record by sending a letter to Congress later this week, but that plan appeared to be on hold for now, the website reported.CONTINUE READING HERE


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