Interior tags 27 designated monuments for review, days after Trump orders review of ‘land grab'(FOX NEWS)

The Trump administration is moving swiftly on an order by President Trump just days ago to review millions of acres of land under government protection, announcing a list Friday of 27 designated national monuments whose protected status could be curtailed or eliminated.

The list was released by the Interior Department, charged by Trump just nine days earlier through an executive order to review the land designated by presidents over the past 20 years, in what Trump has called a “massive federal land grab” that “should never have happened.”CONTINUE READING HERE


Venezuela: Trump administration calls for quick, peaceful conclusion to unrest(FOX NEWS)

The Trump administration is monitoring Venezuelan instability, and believes there is a strong need to bring weeks of anti-government protests in the country’s capital Caracas to a quick and peaceful conclusion.

H.R. McMaster, U.S. President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, met on Friday with Julio Borges, the president of Venezuela’s opposition-led National Assembly, about the civil unrest which has been near-daily for five weeks, the White House said on Saturday.CONTINUE READING HERE

University of CA Caves to Demands After Black Student Group’s Sit-In(FOX NEWS)

The University of California-Santa Cruz caved to the demands of liberal student protesters who staged a sit-in at the administration building, Abby Huntsman reported.

Huntsman called it another example of educators accommodating “snowflakes on campus.”

The school’s African-Black Student Alliance occupied the building for three days, demanding four specific concessions from the administration.CONTINUE READING HERE

US aids ISIS, says Afghanistan’s former president(FOX NEWS)

KABUL, Afghanistan — Despite the recent deployment of more U.S. troops to Afghanistan and other heightened efforts to eradicate terrorist groups, especially ISIS, Afghanistan’s former president, Hamid Karzai, believes the U.S. is in league with ISIS.

“The Daesh is a U.S. product,” he told Fox News in an exclusive interview Wednesday in Kabul, using the Arabic word for the extremist Muslim group. “The Daesh — which is clearly foreign — emerged in 2015 during the U.S. presence.”CONTINUE READING HERE

Trump mulls additional troops as stalemate in Afghan grinds on(FOX NEWS)

President Trump could be asked next week to send more troops to Afghanistan as the 16-year war grinds on in a bloody stalemate.

The U.S. commander in Afghanistan wants 3,000 more troops and Pentagon officials told Congress this week that the war plan recommendations being sent to Trump are aimed at moving “beyond the stalemate” with the ISIS-affiliated Taliban insurgency.

Afghan soldiers are suffering what Pentagon auditors call “shockingly high” battlefield casualties, and prospects are narrowing for a negotiated peace settlement with the Taliban. The insurgents may have failed to capture and hold a major city, but they are controlling or influencing ever more territory.CONTINUE READING HERE

AHCA Next Steps(OAN)

May 5, 2017

New York, NY – Claire Hardwick, OAN Political Correspondent

While Republicans  celebrated the American Health Care Act passing in the House, Dr. Tom Borelli said that there is still a lot of work to do

Dr. Tom Borelli, a contributor to Conservative Review, said that passing the AHCA was a step in the right direction, because the Affordable Care Act is imploding.CONTINUE READING HERE

U.S. Job Growth Rebounds Sharply, Unemployment Rate Falls To 4.4 Percent(OAN)

May 6, 2017

By Lucia Mutikani

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. job growth rebounded sharply in April and the unemployment rate dropped to 4.4 percent, near a 10-year low, pointing to a tightening labor market that likely seals the case for an interest rate increase next month despite moderate wage growth.

Nonfarm payrolls surged by 211,000 jobs last month after a paltry gain of 79,000 in March, the Labor Department said on Friday. April’s job growth, which was broad-based, surpassed this year’s monthly average of 185,000.CONTINUE READING HERE